FOOTBALL crosses borders


Scholarships can bring to Kenya and East Africa unique opportunities for youth to develop their Academic career while practising the sport they love. Living a unique experience in which to play in American university competitions, graduate and personally grow in an international atmosphere. University teams will be able to provide you with experience and differential services in psychology, physical preparation and nutrition.

New Hera Intersports strongly believe University Soccer is the best option to partner with. They’ve produced and taken care of thousands of players during the last years, always showing commitment to offering the best tools to their players!

For us is essential to know that for University soccer, the player is always the first, as they are not players. They are human beings playing the sport of their lives. They support the player from the first day and become part of the significant community that University Soccer creates.

Can you imagine how many doors this experience can open? Friends from around the world, a University Degree and a football experience at the highest level! What else could you dream of?

University Soccer is a young and innovative company that has experts in the sector with vast experience. A company that, every day, tries to bring more benefits for its players, as their CEO David Rueda tells us.

“ We work with you throughout the entire process. University Soccer has a different approach, not only to take you to America but to succeed there. We know from our own experience what it is to undertake this adventure and from our own experience what we would have liked to have but was not available to us. It is not enough that you can have a sports scholarship. We want you to succeed there. We want the best for/you. That is why, for example, our personal trainer and nutritionist start working with you months before you arrive at the new destination. “

David Rueda, CEO of University Soccer.

Carla Martínez is a clear example of University Soccer success. After finishing her master's degree through a soccer scholarship, @carlaa_04 just signed a contract to play with @leccewomen, a professional soccer team in Italy.

This is the perfect cycle closure for soccer players who want to pursue a study career and go to the US to maintain the highest level in soccer without giving up on an academic future.

We believe this brings enormous opportunities to develop East African Athletes so much further than football itself. We generate knowledge and international networking through these opportunities, and we are sure all this will benefit East Africa's future generations.

Do not think about it; your time is now!